Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ruffly... Ruffles!

Okay... right now.. I'm obsessed with Ruffles on this child of mine. (I KINDA feel bad for my kid... as of lately I've been sewing a ton of clothes for her sweet little tush... but she is not loving being my personal mannequins.) Anyways... yesterday I "threw" together this sweet little duo (*Please remember that I am a self taught sewing lady... still learning!):

*Isn't she the stink'n cutest!? 

Again I used left over fabric scraps. This whole thing totaled... maybe $3.00 or less :) I took one of her gross stained up onesies and layered  simple ruffles, homemade rosettes and ribbon. The bottom I measured...and sewed in some elastic around the waist.. and Wa-la-la-la= cheap cuteness! 

Anyways here are some fun sites I've found that give great pointers/tutorials for some quick sews. I like to find tutorials that don't require patterns.. Am I the only person in the world that dislikes following sewing patterns!?  

**Defining: "Threw Together": This entails lots of patiences..yelling.. diet coke and my husband taking the child. :)





  1. Thanks for the link love! You have a beautiful site with some fun stuff! :)

  2. The ruffles and rickrack make me giddy. And so much stink'in cuteness!!! Diet coke will do that for ya' every time. ;) Love it!


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