Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dollar Store frenzy

Many that know me.. know that I love the dollar store. First being that it's SUPER Cheap.... yep, only $1.00... Second, being they have such random craft stuff.

I wanted to make something funky and fun with the use of my last name.

Supplies Needed:

Dollar Store Wood Frame

Dollar Store Wood Letter

Dollar Store "Believe" easel

Total: $3.00

* I already had black Spray paint, hot glue, scrap book paper, alphabet stencils and Acrylic paint.

First Step: Spray paint Frame and Large Letter

Second Step: Take scrap book paper of choice and place it behind the glass.

Third Step: Hot glue LARGE letter on the glass

Fourth Step: Take Acrylic Paint and stencils the rest of the letters on to the glass.


* My dear friend made hers on a smaller frame and it turned out super cute.

Second lovely :)

My dollar store “lovely”... is super simple and quick and perfect for a sweet little entrance.

Supplies Needed:

Dollar Store Wood Ovals (x3)

Dollar Store Wire Ribbon

Total: $2.00

* Paint, hot glue and alphabet stencils.

Step One: Take each wood oval and paint them your desired color. Let dry.

Step Two: Take your alphabet stencils and paint your desired saying...

Step Three: After everything has dried take your ribbon and hot glue the ribbon to the back of the wood ovals.

Ta-Da! Another awesome Dollar Store creation!

I have a lot of projects that I will be posting in the coming week... I'm a horrible" take a picture of every step" so I'll work on that.




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