Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Ladies Clothes

I really enjoy sewing. I feel somewhat accomplished... when sewing.. especially my sweet little thang a sweet little outfit. 

However I'm not a fan of spending hrs on something and having her destroy it in less than 5 seconds :)

I have so much girly fabric scraps left over from previous projects that I wanted to make use of them. 

So last night I "threw" together an outfit. And I love it. It kinda like a pillow case dress but with lots of ruffles and the bows are permanent. They are super easy to make and it took about an hour from start to finish. (And doesn't she looks adorable?).
My instructions are pretty vague but I think is a super simple project... I took one of HelenAnn's shirts and used it as my "pattern". And then took all my scraps and started ruffling the crap out of this thing. And added a little pink ribbon.. and ta-da! 

Well here are some sites that gives super cute and easy tutorials. 

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