Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Super Simple 4th of July Banner

RED--WHITE-- BLUE!  I was going through all my stuff I noticed that I didn't have a lot of patriotic decorations... So I decided to make a simple-cute patriotic banner.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 yards (total) of different 4th of July fabrics
  • White Buttons
  • Card stock--- to make your triangle pattern.
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread

Make a triangle pattern with your card stock. I tracked the pattern on the fabric (I had two different types of fabrics)

I had a ton of scraps... and I  HATE wasting  scraps.... So I cut out squares and stars...

And sewed them together and made a fun garland for my table.

Sew two triangles right ride together. Flipp them right ride out and iron. Then give the triangle a top stick. Iron again.

Once each "flag" is completed. Take your assortment of cute buttons and sew.. hot glue.. hand sew.. whatever you want to do.. ATTACH the corners of each flag together with a button. 

 Ta-Da!! You now have a very cute Memorial Day/4th of July Banner!




Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chair Makeover

I have this --old Student Task Chair from Wal-Mart that someone was getting to toss out--  I hate it. But it serve it's purpose = cradles my big butt.. So I'm content… and... I’m just too cheap to buy another chair. So I deiced to try out a little "reupholstering" on this handy dandy chair.

The old-nasty chair... it is screaming " I need LOVE!"

The beautiful Fabric.. from my favorite...

check it out:


Next... I unscrewed the back of the chair and started ripping off the black-nasty old fabric

I was then left with wood and foam. Next, I measured out the fabric to the  back piece ** Only cut two inches from the chair piece. You don't want very much fabric when you pull it onto the wood. 

I used hot glue to get the fabric on tight around the wood piece. Make sure you pull tight and evenly around the whole piece. Once you have everything in place... bust out your awesome staple gun and shoot away! 

Rinse and Repeat... Do these exact same steps for the "big booty" seat/piece. Then started screwing everything back together.

*Finished product*

I was really excited about the results.. This was  really easy to do and only took  30 minutes to do. 



Thursday, May 5, 2011

What does your craft room look like?

I don't know about ya'll but I am a very messy crafter. I am lucky enough to have a craft room that is also our laundry/storage/Jeremiah's closet area. This area is also the " Oh crap, people are coming over so let put everything in laundry baskets and Sam will just sort it later" area.  It is really nice that I have a workbench and plenty of drawers and area to storage all my crafty crap. 
So this past week.. I marched my butt into the black hole of craftiness and started to de-junk and reorganize. 
Here are some before pictures:
* Yes... it a a mess

*And yes.. I do own a lot of crap.

Voila its like magic::

I love my Ikea boxes- so cheap and such a great way to store things. 

So I don't know about the rest of you... But I often dream about "When I Grow up Craft Room". BeautifulPerfect and Posh. I’ve been eyeing lots of beautiful craft rooms lately, especially for storage solutions, and here are some of the craft rooms that caught my eye!

1.  I love all the shelving and how sweet the bunting looks in this room from I Have to Say. I want my fabric to be that organized!
2.  I found this sweet little nook over at Home Designing, and they say if was from Benita‘s craft room. I like how they fit in a space for lounging! I wonder if that bench has hidden storage? This is the sort of craft night area I want. Maybe combined with some floor pillows for extra seating!
3.  I am in love with Jen Caputo’s craft room! Not only are her walls mustard yellow, she’s using a pegboard to organize! Great Ideas.
4.  This room from Rosie Posie is so bright and cheery! I love all the surface area which would definitely help with sewing bigger projects. 
5.  Oh, the storage! The folks at lil sprinkles found this sewing corner on Sweet Home Style. I like how they combine open shelves with containers, so you can see everything without it looking messy.
Have you guys been organizing your crafty spaces? I’d love to see more inspiration in the comments!
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