Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentines Craftiness

Well the craftiness in me is starting to come out again! Since finding out we were expecting our second little babe crafting has been the last thing on my mind. But I keep getting on that damn pinterest and seeing super cute ideas for Valentines Day! 

I think the reason I love Valentines is because its so stink'n girly. And there are SO many awesome crafts that can be done with some simple FELT! At most craft stores you can buy a yard for less than $2.99 and for bought barely a yard for all three colors. 

I made several different sized hearts so the length will all depend on how many hearts you want and the width will depend on how large you want your hearts. I don't really ever measure (Non perfectionist here). Cut out two pieces of matching felt... and then push that sucker through the sewing machine. 
Note: You will want to sew an inch down on the side. 

After you sew these puppies together flip it over to create your pretty little heart. Again pending on the size of heart you want, sew the bottom portion together. Afterwards I trimmed away any remaindering felt that I didn't want. 

**** When I started this project I was thought to myself " I could hot glue the heck out of bad boy." But I personally think that the sewed edge give your little ladies a more finished looked. 

After you’ve sewed everything… started cutting the felt. You can cut them as thick or thin, as you like (I personally like them thick ;) ;) 

Look... aren't they LOVELY!!! I repeated this with two other colors but in different sizes.  Honestly cutting and sewing only took me maybe 10 minutes. Because since being prego I've given up life line (D.Coke) and my brain is still trying to function like a normal person. 

After wards you can do whatever the heck you want with these sweet hearts. My little girl and I found this little Easter tree at the dollar store. So she started hanging out hearts on it. It looks super cute. 

Then I took some cheap thread I had on hand and threaded each tons of the hearts together and ta-da you have a Valentine garland! 

Happy Valentines! 
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