Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4th of July Wreath

Okay.. okay... I promise this is the last 4th of July Craft...   
(* I'm  totally  one of those crazy star lady!)  

I really wanted a wreath for 4th of July.. and since I didn't... I made one.
 I wanted to make something simple/fun and loaded with some awesome felt. So I did. 


Foam Wreath-- Dollar Store
Stars-- Joanne's  $2.00 (I bought a few different sizes but then liked the little ones) 
Red, White and Blue Felt-- Dollar Store (I had to get two packs)
Ribbon-- dollar store
Hot Glue-- on hand

Start by cutting out the felt into long stripes. 
(*I added scallop edges to the ends of the felt.. and it gave it a super cute texture.) 
I then started laying out the felt  onto the wreath so I could deiced how thick I wanted my  BlUE, RED & WHITE strips to be.

 After you get everything in place.. start hot glueing those bad boys onto the foam wreath. 

After everything is glue... I started adding the "final" touches. 

Nothing is cute nor complete without some good ol' rick rack. So start smacking down some rick rack between each of the strips.   

Lastly... paint the star white.. and then hot glue them onto the wreath. Finally, add some cute festive ribbon to hang this sweet thang up. 

Ta Da! 

Cheap.. cute.. Sweet.. 

Happy 4th of July everyone! 




Monday, June 20, 2011

Gift Wrap "Puff Balls"

"Puff Balls"

I love puff balls. I have used them over the years as various decorations in my home. But what is so awesome about these awesome little balls of puff's are that they can be made reallllyyy
 BIG and really small.

So these things are perfect to decorate a simple (FREE) white box and make it look super duper cute for you fun gift box!


Anyways color... Tissue Paper--- dollar store

Tape-- any-kind


White gift Boxes

 Step 1:

Take between 4 and 10 sheets of Tissues paper and lay each out flat and evenly. If you want your puff to have more fluff to it then added more tissue.

Take the tissue and roll it "Accordion" style... back and forth... make sure to keep the paper stays even and together. 

Once you've folded the tissues make sure that it has very "tight" creases. 

Then take tape, thread or string (whatever you've got) and place that in the middle of the folded tissue. Make sure it is tight and secure. 

Take your scissors and cut the ends of the tissue into a sharp point on both ends. Remember if you want the puff to be longer then don't cut as much off. However, for this projected I wanted small and petite puffs. 

Both ended need to be cut into points. 

Take both ends and start "Fanning" each end of the tissue paper out. 

Then  start pulling apart the tissue from each of the ends. Remember to be gental with the tissues paper when separating. It is very easy for the tissue to completely rip apart.

Ta Da! Tape those bad boys onto the boxes and look what you have.. some super cute... simple... CHEAP gift "wrapping" puffs. 




Sunday, June 19, 2011

USA Decor

4th of July is just around the corner.. And I've craft'n it up with lots of 4th of July home decor items. ** This week I don't have my daughter or husband at home which means there will be some serious crafting and blogging**

Hanging Decor- USA

Supplies Needed:

Star= garage sale.. FREE
Moss= Dollar store... $1.00
Hot Glue=Dollar Store.. $1.00
Ribbon= Dollar Store... $1.00
Cardboard=  my garage... FREE

Total: $3.00

Cut out your letters on the cardboard. My letters look messy but they don't need to be perfect.  

Take the moss and start hot glueing it to each letter. This part is very messy BE PREPARED :)

Don't be afraid to add extra moss to the letters it makes them look fuller. 

Lay out your ribbon and postion the letters and star. Then hot glue each item onto the ribbon and wait for it to dry. 

Ta Da! You now have a super cute, cheap 4th of July decor for your festive home. 




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