Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lazy Susan--Redo

So this week I spent a few "moments" in a local Thrift store called Teen Challenge(**seriously Spokanites check this place out, they can super cheap on certain days.) 

So I grew up  in a house with lots of  ‘Lazy Larrys” (aka brothers) and my mom always thought that a Lazy Susan would be super cute/awesome  to have for the kitchen table.. But honestly I've always thought they were awkwardly ugly. When I found this little lady for $1.00 …a light went off in my head ((BING)).... don't be intimated by the light in my head it only turns on occasionally—diet coke and no children help that :)... And I thought why not make this thing functional and cute. (my husband would be so proud)

If you know me....which 82% viewing this blog do...  I LOVE damask print... love it. love it..  And the functional part: I had some special batting leftover that is used for making hot pads. 

I started by cutting out the fabric and batting to fit my lazy lady. 

Hot glued the batting to the top of the Lazy thing. 

And then I started using a reupholstering technique to glue the fabric on it. I used my hot glue but you could use a staple gun. 



 Looky... Looky.. 10 minutes later I have a pretty sweet little Lazy Susan!

 " Please pass the salt and pepper!? Ohh wait... never mind.. Lazy Susan got it for me!!"



Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall... Fall..

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"
I love the colors and leaves. I love the weather. I love to start layering my clothes. BUT WHAT I REALLY LOVE is…putting up my fall d├ęcor!! This year I couldn't help myself and I started putting up fall decorations LAST WEEK! (** My husband almost killed me.. “Sam, it’s still 90+ degrees out!”)  Yikes...

In our house we have this really fun fireplace mantel but it was missing something fun and fallish. So I went over to one of Spokane's really fun, cheap thrift store and they happened to be having 50% off everything! As I always point out to my husband after my little shopping adventures... LOOK AT WHAT I SAVED!! Right? He just doesn't get it...

So I started finding some super fun frames...

For 7 frames I payed only 2.00!!!! This placed made the Dollar Store look lame. :)

And OF course as soon as I got home I busted out my one and only… Mister SPRAY PAINT... and painted them beauties white. And then thought about what I was going to do with these suckers.

After rummaging through my paper scrapes I slapped some glue onto the inside of the frames and cut out some letters and made sweet Fallish-- AUTUMN--- decorations.
 I love it. It was super easy and from start to clean up, it took one episode of Bachelor Pad. Now that is a night well spent! Cheers! Happy Fall!


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