Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4th of July Wreath

Okay.. okay... I promise this is the last 4th of July Craft...   
(* I'm  totally  one of those crazy star lady!)  

I really wanted a wreath for 4th of July.. and since I didn't... I made one.
 I wanted to make something simple/fun and loaded with some awesome felt. So I did. 


Foam Wreath-- Dollar Store
Stars-- Joanne's  $2.00 (I bought a few different sizes but then liked the little ones) 
Red, White and Blue Felt-- Dollar Store (I had to get two packs)
Ribbon-- dollar store
Hot Glue-- on hand

Start by cutting out the felt into long stripes. 
(*I added scallop edges to the ends of the felt.. and it gave it a super cute texture.) 
I then started laying out the felt  onto the wreath so I could deiced how thick I wanted my  BlUE, RED & WHITE strips to be.

 After you get everything in place.. start hot glueing those bad boys onto the foam wreath. 

After everything is glue... I started adding the "final" touches. 

Nothing is cute nor complete without some good ol' rick rack. So start smacking down some rick rack between each of the strips.   

Lastly... paint the star white.. and then hot glue them onto the wreath. Finally, add some cute festive ribbon to hang this sweet thang up. 

Ta Da! 

Cheap.. cute.. Sweet.. 

Happy 4th of July everyone! 




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