Sunday, June 19, 2011

USA Decor

4th of July is just around the corner.. And I've craft'n it up with lots of 4th of July home decor items. ** This week I don't have my daughter or husband at home which means there will be some serious crafting and blogging**

Hanging Decor- USA

Supplies Needed:

Star= garage sale.. FREE
Moss= Dollar store... $1.00
Hot Glue=Dollar Store.. $1.00
Ribbon= Dollar Store... $1.00
Cardboard=  my garage... FREE

Total: $3.00

Cut out your letters on the cardboard. My letters look messy but they don't need to be perfect.  

Take the moss and start hot glueing it to each letter. This part is very messy BE PREPARED :)

Don't be afraid to add extra moss to the letters it makes them look fuller. 

Lay out your ribbon and postion the letters and star. Then hot glue each item onto the ribbon and wait for it to dry. 

Ta Da! You now have a super cute, cheap 4th of July decor for your festive home. 




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