Friday, September 2, 2011

Scrabbleilzed-Picture Frames!

Our bedroom dresser usually has a beautiful display of crap. I thought that it might be a nice idea to have something cute to look at when we get ready (and gives me a reason to remove/clean up all the crap). 

I found some fun 1.00 frames at Goodwill.. 

I busted out some white spray paint and sprayed the crap out of these suckers!

I have an obsession with fun fabrics. I love finding fun funky prints and hoarding them till I find something to do with them... I could totally be on that show--Hoarders--
I can see it now.. " Episode 1: The Fabric Hoarding Lady"... Just kidding... 

After the frames dry-- hot glue some of that sweet fabric into the inside of the frames and it will give it some spunk. 

A co-worker and I took a lunch over to these really fun vintage/rummage shops in Spokane. They had TONS of cheap scrabble pieces! 
So I stocked up... remember I am a full-blown Crafting Hoarder...
 There has to be people who understand!? When you find something at a thief store and you think of all the awesome things you could do with it but for the first year it chills out in your garage. (My husband’s favorite

All finished! My family is FOREVER

Simple, sweet and easy peasy to make. I also refinished an old jewelry box a friend of my mine didn't want and relined the inside with coordinating fabrics from the frames some rosettes to perfectly match my new decor. 



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  1. Love these frames and the fabric too! So adorable :-) Thanks for stopping by.


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