Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chair Makeover

I have this --old Student Task Chair from Wal-Mart that someone was getting to toss out--  I hate it. But it serve it's purpose = cradles my big butt.. So I'm content… and... I’m just too cheap to buy another chair. So I deiced to try out a little "reupholstering" on this handy dandy chair.

The old-nasty chair... it is screaming " I need LOVE!"

The beautiful Fabric.. from my favorite...

check it out:

Next... I unscrewed the back of the chair and started ripping off the black-nasty old fabric

I was then left with wood and foam. Next, I measured out the fabric to the  back piece ** Only cut two inches from the chair piece. You don't want very much fabric when you pull it onto the wood. 

I used hot glue to get the fabric on tight around the wood piece. Make sure you pull tight and evenly around the whole piece. Once you have everything in place... bust out your awesome staple gun and shoot away! 

Rinse and Repeat... Do these exact same steps for the "big booty" seat/piece. Then started screwing everything back together.

*Finished product*

I was really excited about the results.. This was  really easy to do and only took  30 minutes to do. 




  1. OK now I need to do the dining room chairs, I can do this. Your instruction were great. thanks.

  2. Cute, Samantha! I have a bench in my entry way that is going to get the same treatment!

  3. I'm so excited that you posted this! My parents are bringing me a small computer chair when they come in July and now I know how to make it super cute! You're awesome Spam!


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