Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dollar Store Wreath

Well it looks like I'm pretty much the crappiest craft blogger ever. I honestly don't know how all these talented-crafty mom do it! I'm almost 8 months pregnant and all I want to do it deep clean every corner of my house. But I guess I can always make time for some delicious crafts!

**Here are the two stinker that have been keeping me so busy!**

I am currently obsessed with three things in my life right now cleaning, eating celery and WREATHS

I've seen so many fun, creative wreaths lately. But I have one issue- the actual WREATH cost so damn much! The cost of foam and hay wreaths are crazy insane and I just cant bring myself to spend the money on it. So I was at the dollar store and they (currently) have TONS of foam swimming noodles.  


Take that bad boy and duct take the ends together. I highly recommend going around the ends 6+ times. 

Afterwards you can make magic happen with felt, cotton fabrics and fun embellishments (diamonds, pearls, rosettes/flowers.)

The best part about making these little ladies was that I was able to use my "leftover" fabric from other crafts. And yes.. I am totally that crazy lady that hoards every little scrap of fabric.

For each wreath I used long stripes of jersey/cotton and wrapped it around the entire wreath (1/4 yd. to wrap each wreath). Another great thing about these cheap wreaths is there super-duper light. 

Anyways... once I regain energy and eat some more celery, I'll post some more crafts! ;) Enjoy. 

Happy Crafting!



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  1. I know that this is going to sound silly, but I swear your pregnancy has gone by so fast! I can't believe you are getting ready to birth soon! Congrats to you & Your fam, and keep up this crafting blog because one day when I get time for crafting again I'm going to copy all of the ideas. :)


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